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Breaks down and demonstrates the
3 main foot techniques.
Heel down, Heel up and Heel toe.
He then shows us to HOW to
develope the Moeller stroke for
accenting patterns with our feet.
Tim also Explains and demonstrates
the mysteries behind he Swivel and
GLIDE motions.
TIM WATERSON holds nothing
back as he   BREAKS down
THE PUMP  Technique which
allowed Tim to set a NEW  WORLD
RECORD for the single strokes feet

Disc 2contains rare footage of
Tim performing on stage and in
the studio with a variety of bands
throughout his musical career.
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delivery in some areas.
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to the US border within 2 weeks.
I really enjoyed All the different
techniques you have developed for
the feet...I found it VERY
A job well done
SUPERSPEED thing sure is its
own animal....
I'll be sure to spread the word where
I can
Cheers Mate
Grant Collins....................

"You don't have to be into EXTREME
drumming to get something out of
It is filled with GREAT tips that will
help take your feet to the NEXT
Bobby Rondinelli......
Finally, Tim Waterson's DVD
breaks down many of the barriers
that, until now, have made
drummers' feet seem like second-
class citizens.
I've shown Tim's methods to all of
my students and without exception,
each one has improved
considerably, and in a short
amount of time
7 time Grammy Award winner
.............Paul Wertico .............
My Hats off to you TIM GREAT
job on the DVD
PS I'm going to steal the PUMP

.....John Longstreth ORIGIN.......

Be sure to check out JOHN
using techniques from this dvd
on the NEW origin cd